What to wear?


Shoes- I recommend either hard soled shoes such as business or school shoes (for kids). Do not wear trainers as they restrict the movement of your feet for spins and can cause injury. Once you have been learning a while you will be required to purchase a pair of dance shoes.


Clothes- Anything that is loose fitting and comfortable – Gentlemen, trousers that aren’t too tight – Ladies, dresses or pants that allow freedom of movement.


Once you decide that dancing is something that is going to remain a hobby I can assist or recommend places to get the correct attire for practice that will have you looking great and moving with total freedom.



What age is too young or too old?


In most cases the youngest age is four years of age as the classes run for forty-five minutes. That can be a long time for a little one to concentrate. Of course, if you feel that your child is keen and want them to give it a go, I am happy to be a little flexible and let you know whether it is suitable on a case by case scenario.


There is no age that is too old, there are classes that cater to people that are retired and would like to add a bit of social fun and exercise to their lives.



Do you teach private lessons?


I do teach a selected amount of private lessons and they are a great way to get more detailed/ tailored information that will greatly fast track your learning. Private lessons are the preferred way for people that want a future in dance as well as for those that are wanting a tailored routine for a wedding, show or competition.


The advantages and something unique at my studio is that private lessons are literally private lessons. There is no sharing the space or music with others.



What goals are there for students and how do they measure their improvement?


Medals and Syllabus– This is the way that most people start to learn Ballroom and Latin Dance. It is a grading system, similar to different level belts in martial arts or piano.


Social Dance Test    This is beginner where you will know three to four fundamental steps in each dance but know them well.


Pre-Bronze  additional five to ten steps and fundamental technique will be starting to show.


Bronze You will learn extra steps and more complex variations on the steps from Pre Bronze. On completion you will be able to get around any social dance floor with confidence using good floor craft.


Silver Additional steps, a good level of technical detail and good stylisation is the expectation. On completion, you will look like a trained dancer rather than someone that is only dancing on a casual basis.


Gold The main achievement for medallist dancing. The highest level of traditional dance variations, you will have showmanship, musicality and a good level of athleticism in your movements. You will also have the confidence to freestyle a huge amount of variations having covered so much detail.


Gold Star This is where we move away from the international syllabus and start to work on any number of variations that are used in competitive dancesport choreography. This will look impressive as all the foundations would have been properly completed prior to taking on these more advanced variations.



What classes can people choose to do if they are a beginner or don’t have a lot of dancing knowledge?


I recommend starting with the Pay as You Go classes or Ballet class. The pay as you go class is a lot of fun and is more geared to teaching the basics to Ballroom and Latin American while keeping it fun as well as informative. Ballet classes are a great way to increase strength and flexibility and are very popular for people of all ages.



There are a range of competitions that operate throughout the year. These are a great way to get fully involved in Ballroom and Latin dancing. If this is something that you would like to do please feel free to talk to me as I am happy to assist you in working towards these whether with a partner or on your own with myself or a female staff member.



These are going to be held once or twice a year in a separate venue depending on the demand and are a great way of joining in on a fun group routine or do a performance with a professional if you are having private lessons. These are meant to be great creative fun and a great way to show off your dancing to your friends and family.


Contact the studio to find out the range of prices for private and group tuition.