For decades I have refined my ability to communicate and direct people to the right pathway to achieve their dancing goals and dreams. My methods and ideologies are unique and have come from a combination of knowledge from multiple dance and self-defence styles that I have participated in over the majority of my life.


My entire focus is to


  • Educate people about quality movement and musicality
  • Deliver results in the simplest most effective way, in the shortest time possible.

The reason I do this is because, faster results means more fun, freedom and a feeling of confidence in ones abilities.


This Common reasons and goals that people start dancing are


  • Social - To meet more people socially, to be able to dance well. To lead or be lead around the dance floor with ease. I can show you all the tricks to have you looking great and being able to do all this within a year or two.
  • Increased confidence- A lot of people want to feel more confident and be able to project more confidence on and off the dance floor. An important part of dancing is losing inhibitions and feeling free physically and emotionally, the two are related. I have so many heart-warming stories of how dancing has changed people’s lives and I would love to guide you on this path too.
  • Fitness-Whether you are learning for fun or for a future in dance, fitness is something that is very important and I will work with you at your pace to ensure that you feel great and increase in strength and fitness whilst having fun.
  • Coordination-Coordination is a learned skill and age and ability is not a boundary. You will feel the benefits right from your first lesson.
  • Stress relief- Physical activity is medically proven to reduce stress, dancing and the fun that it brings will brighten your day and within minutes of walking into the studio your problems will dissolve away.
  • Wedding- Teaching bespoke wedding routines that reflect you as a couple are a true passion. You will move so gracefully and fluently within a few lessons that people will think that you have been learning for years or just have a natural ability at it.
  • Competition- Competitions are great for those who are competitive and goal orientated. Daniel Luke School of Dance is a Registered Training Facility with Dancesport Australia. I have also competed professionally in Standard Ballroom representing England and have also taught many other people for Pro Am, Medalist and recreational competitions.
  • Shows- Shows are also great for people that love to have goals, want to push themselves and want to slip into another world that is beautiful and creative.
  • Learn to teach – I have trained many people to teach both here and in the UK. I hold my Fellowship in Modern Ballroom and Latin American with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) as well as a Diploma as a Major in Classical Ballet. I utilise my vast knowledge that has been acquired through a large range of dance styles as well as sports to give you what you need to become a very knowledgeable teacher.


* Learn by yourself or with a partner.


* Learn Modern Ballroom, Latin, Street Latin, New Vogue, Argentine Tango and Ballet for Adults and Kids.


* Classes structured to accommodate all ages and abilities from kids to adults and seniors.


* Classes have a maximum number of ten individuals so I can provide quality attention to all.


* Flexibility to learn just for fun, work towards exams, Showcases or Competitions. There is total flexibility to accommodate individual needs and clear direction for those who are goal orientated.


* Pay as You Go classes available as well as mini monthly programmed classes for those that want more continuity in their learning.


* Private Lessons - typically people learn at least 5 times faster through private tuition. This is because lessons are tailored to you personally and are the chosen and most recommended way for people that want to train for competition or train to have a future in dance.